Locally Owned and Operated By Rodney and Eleanor Turner (Audrey Mae In Training)American Craftsmen of NC is a professional, locally owned company that specializes in roofing, metal roofing, windows, and siding. If you are looking for a professional home improvement company that cares about your home, then American Craftsmen of NC is the company for you.

American Craftsmen of NC was formed in 2001. After working for a larger company, Rodney Turner, the owner, realized that there seemed to be only two types of exterior home improvement companies: large impersonal outfits that only seemed to care about “how much can we sell this month” or small single owner companies that did not understand the importance of customer service and professionalism.

American Craftsmen of NC has built its business on the simple model that a small, professional single owner company that treats the customer with respect and provides outstanding customer service would be desirable over a large impersonal company or a small, no-frills handyman outfit. At American Craftsmen of NC you, can expect the following:

Calls and issues resolved efficiently and timely.
Professionally trained and specialized individuals to work on your home.
Whether it is windows or roofing, all installers specialize in what they do, each having over 10 years experience in their given field.
Fully insured and licensed.
Member of the BBB with never a single complaint.
Rodney managing the project from start to finish.
Certified in Roofing, Windows and Siding.
No money exchanged until the job is completed and you are happy.

From the initial estimate to completion of the job at American Craftsmen of NC, you will definitely see the difference. So if you are looking for a unique company that cares more about you than “how much can we sell this month,” American Craftsmen of NC is the company you want to call for a free estimate.

For Free Estimate Call 919-683-8555 or click here!
American Craftsmen of North Carolina · 1016 W. Trinity Avenue · Durham, North Carolina 27701
Office Phone: 919-683-8555 · Fax: 919-683-8580 · Email: rodney@americancraftsmennc.com
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